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Nobody can imagine a renovated house without new windows. Windows in the house are not only a source of fresh air and light. They are integral elements of house design, which perform an important function of house protection against the adverse effects of nature. Today, you can order high quality vinyl windows in Edmonton with free removal of old windows, installation of new ones and clean up services in our windows replacement company located in your hometown. Ordering windows replacement services in Edmonton you get high quality products, which will protect you and your family from noise, dust and cold. Your apartments or house equipped with our energy efficient and high-quality products will provide you with comfort and coziness. If you are Edmonton resident interested in windows installation - contact our company that specializes in replacement of windows in Edmonton and provides all related to this issue services. We have extensive experience in this particular sphere and do not use subcontractors’ services, all the works are performed by company employees. Our company is a reliable manufacturer and installer of windows in Edmonton.

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Today, it is impossible to argue with the fact that vinyl windows are much better than wooden ones. In general, vinyl windows are chosen by thousands of people around the world and, of course, there is a reason for that as vinyl windows feature:

  • Increased comfort (vinyl windows are very easy to use and they do not requite almost any maintenance).
  • Reliability and durability (the life cycle of vinyl windows exceeds 40 years).
  • Protection from noise and drafts (due to hermiticity, vinyl windows significantly decrease the noise level and prevent your apartment from drafts, which is particularly important if you live next to North Saskatchewan River).
  • Low price (our vinyl windows experts in Edmonton will do the math and it will not cost you an arm and a leg to get high-quality vinyl windows).
  • A wide variety of shapes and designs such as:
    • awning windows that can be left when raining and combine perfectly with other vinyl windows;
    • casement windows and sliding tilt windows that let the maximum of air flow into the room and provide a stunning look;
    • bay and bow windows that have a gorgeous angular shape;
    • contour series windows that make any room look elegant and classy;
    • single hung tilt windows, double hung tilt windows that are the most popular type of vinyl windows;
    • end vent windows that are known for their ease of maintenance and practicality;
    • architectural windows that are available in any size possible and that will add a brand-new look to your house!

However, some people, before getting replacement windows in Edmonton, are still challenged by the following questions:

  1. Are vinyl windows harmful?
  2. Do they provide proper environmental safety in the premises?

Therefore, we would like to say a few words about the production of vinyl windows. The security of vinyl windows is connected not only to their durability and reliability. The materials used for the manufacture of profiles have been successfully applied in many areas of human life due to their environmental qualities.

Safety of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows do not burn and prevent a fire penetration. When burning, the emitted hydrogen chloride has a very strong smell and can quickly be detected even in very low concentrations. However, its concentration is so small that it is not dangerous let alone life threatening.

If you break a vinyl window, which is quite difficult to do, it does not shatter into small pieces. All the pieces will remain in a special protective film. Moreover, the shatters are not sharp so you will not cut yourself. Thus, vinyl windows are not harmful and they are quite safe.

Summarizing, we can say that today, vinyl windows are by far the most secure and absolutely harmless. If you consider buying vinyl windows in our window replacement company in Edmonton, you should not hesitate. As for health issues, we also would like to point out that no insurance company in the world considers PVC as a material that can endanger human health and life during natural disasters, fires, let alone during normal daily use.

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